On our market more and more companies are becoming involved into increasing production and sale, which means that they require certain products, selling space and warehouses in order to store those items.

Since our attitude is that there is no alternative to quality, and since we are determined to provide the lowest possible financial investment regarding the client, we created “a key in hand” construction system, that is allowing our business partners to move into new space in the shortest time frame possible, and to improve their management conditions and work space in general.

We dedicate a special attention to creating a high quality project concept, which requires a correct formal observation of functional parameters of future objects, in order for them to fulfill all functional and aesthetic requests. By using minimal financial investment, we are are able to provide more than 80% of savings during project realization.

Due to our long-term experience, Konstruktor Group is able to provide professional service, but out main propriety is to always listen and understand desires and requests of our clients,  investors and business partners, and use them while creating a project concept.

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