Konstruktor Company fulfilled the standards for the international AAA highest creditworthiness rating

Based on the latest categorization and financial analysis of the previous three business years (2014, 2015 and 2016), Konstruktor Konsalting has fulfilled the requirements for the International AAA rating for 2017 as one of the most successful companies in that business part in Serbia.

AAA rating, another reference for the business of the Konstruktor Group, is a confirmation that Konstruktor is a liquid, solvent, economically stable company, a reliable and desirable partner for cooperation

In Serbia, Bisnode Certification has been conducting certification since 2013, in cooperation with the Development Agency of Serbia, NBS, APR, the Economic and Appellate Courts and the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, for 27 years in 18 countries of Europe, including Austria, Germany, Sweden, Hungary, Switzerland etc.

The analysis is unique for all 18 countries, in order for the certificate to be recognized, it must be comparable. This year, on Konstruktor Company level, only 2% of the companies can get this certificate. The AAA rating has only 0.14% of companies in Serbia.

The certificate classified Konstruktor Group with EU companies for quality and responsible business, which is one of the business strategies of Konstruktor Group.


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