Reconstruction works of part of CRH Cement Factory



1.1 Introduction:
In order to reduce production costs, Investor decided to provide clinker transport from new clinker silo to 1-FLS cement mill with a higher production capacity.

1.2 Project description:
In order to achieve set goals, Investor engaged Konstuktor company to produce and mount steel structure tower and troughed belt conveyor, by previously demounting existing apron conveyor. Alongside the works on steel structure, Investor entrusted Konstruktor company with construction and installation of complete machinery equipment.
Steel structure tower – is steel structure assemblage with 26,40m of height which production consumed approx. 220 tons of steel. Within the tower, the clinker is directed to three sectors – two mills and truck loading. The access point to the tower is through outer and inner steel staircase, with inner platforms made of corrugated sheet metal, while the facade and roof are covered with TR sheet metal. All works are conducted within the scope of Konstruktor company.
Troughed belt conveyor – built from two steel pendulums and one double steel column by which three parts of steel structure and the power station platform of troughed belt conveyor are supported. Three parts of the troughed belt conveyor are completely pre-mounted at Konstruktor workshop, transported freely to the site location and mounted to the columns by Konstruktor Group. Total weight of the steel structure, columns and platforms is about 80 tons, about 4 meters wide and 80 meters long. The highest level is approx. 11 meters, the lowest at approx. 7 meters high. Access point is from steel structure tower, with metal grading on the belt conveyor and corrugated sheet metal on the platform. Machine equipment on the platform and the belt conveyor are also mounted by the Konstruktor company.

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